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Brand Development & Design

Native New Yorker

Originating in Arizona, when the family owned business looked to begin franchising we helped them with a new brand and personality to increase the brand awareness. With a strong visual centered around a fire breathing chicken and an illustrated mascot we helped them move their restaurant into the proper direction.

Like any brand or advertising campaign, Native New York eventually moved on and updated their brand again and eventually became known as “Native Bar and Grill.”

Brand Awareness

We helped develop and produce a lot of marketing items, such as the illustrated mascot that can still be found on their glasses and chairs, food photography, coasters, menu designs, advertisements, billboards, large format advertising, tradeshow materials, franchise marketing materials, and more.

Marketing Materials

BWC Media can help restaurants produce advertising campaigns, develop tracking and analysis for campaigns, develop digital menu displays. We can also set goals and schedules for development planning throughout the year to minimize down turns and maximize peak periods.